Who am I?

So basically, I am a 17-year-old art student. I was born in the city of Aveiro, Portugal, and after spending more than 10 years in Spain, I´m currently living in Oporto.

Since I was very little I started to show interest in art, mainly drawing & painting portraits, and through the years I have been improving more and more achieving several prizes and learning a lot about it.

I am specialized in colorful realistic portraits.

My Skills

Colored Pencil


Alcohol brush markers


Acrylic Paint


Oil paint


Awards, prizes and achievements

  • 01/2015- Art Exhibition in Valdemorillo (Madrid).
  • 04/2015- Interviewed for SoloBoadilla magazine.
  • 06/2015- 1st Prize Winner; Photo Marathon contest.
  • 01/2016- Art Exhibition in Valdemorillo (Madrid).
  • 03/2016- 1st Prize Winner; (Boadilla del Monte) Arte Joven Contest.
  • 07/2016- My Kat McNamara drawing featured in the MTV Fandom Awards (San Diego).
  • 09/2016- 1st Prize Winner; Poster Contest for Nuestra Sra. del Rosario festivities.
  • 12/2016- 1st Prize Winner; Christmas contest IES Profesor Maximo Trueba.
  • 03/2018- Honor diploma; “I live by the Sea” International Contest.


Back in 2014, I started to post my artworks in my Instagram page: @my_drawings_ana_filipa

This helped me to share my art and get known, now more than 21000 people follow me! I really have to thank for all the support they give me liking, commenting and sharing my artworks.